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Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.  You can contact me using any of the social media sites at the bottom of this page, or using the form below. If this is urgent, please feel free to call my Google Voice number at 858-598-4153.

My preferred method of communication is through KeyBase, my username is mike_dacre. You can also email me and encrypt to 90BF30FD, or chat with me on Signal if you know my phone number.

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If you are interested in meeting me in person to discuss something, I am usually available on the Stanford campus during the week. Either contact me using the above form, or fill out the following MeetMe page:

About Me

Stanford University
Research Professional
Palo Alto,CA
Phone: 858-598-4153


My GPG public key is available at 90BF30FD and via the hkp:// key server. To learn more about GPG check out the GnuPG web site.  If you use GPG, please sign or encrypt all messages addressed to me.