I am a medical student at Stanford School of Medicine. My current interests are in emergency medicine, pain management, and anesthesia. Underlying these, I intend to work with those most excluded by modern medicine, particularly those with limited or no insurance, people struggling with addition, and those with distrust for the medical system. I would like to work on ways to bridge people from the inappropriate use of acute care or pain medication/street drugs into holistic programs that can actually address the undeling issues beneath their conditions. I also have a strong interest in teaching and medical education, in addition to continuing some research, which is where my limited free time in medical school has been focussed.

In addition to being a medical student, I am an emergency medical technician (EMT) and I volunteer with the Cardinal Free Clinics, the Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit (BAMRU) and with Stanford Emergency Medical Services (StEMS).

Past Work

For a complete list of my work and volunteer activities prior to starting medical school, please see my Linked In page or my CV in the menu above.